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Just found a small sketch made by Tahlia when she is 4 years old. My precious.

Bike ride along 風芝門

This Sunday, we went up to 陽明山二子坪 for a quick hiking trip. The weather was extremely hot in the city, the temperature reached 36 degree Celsius at noon. When we were up in the mountain, the air was fresh and cool. The forest trail was veiled by mountain mist and cloud. Kids were fascinated with collecting seeds from different species of tree. We hiked in the forest for couple hours, we then drove to 白沙灣 just in time for Sunset. The beach front was quiet by the time we arrived. We enjoyed a short half an hour ride before the sun completely set. Keely was determined to make a sand castle on the beach before we leave. Mommy and Tahlia went with Keely to the beach in darkness, but swarm of termites already occupied the whole area and its impossible to play anymore. Next time we will come early and finish the bike trail along the beach front.