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From MFA and end-point security to SaaS protection and data leakage prevention,Coronet is packed with all the security tools you need

Block data leakage

Switch PCI/PHI/PII on to comply with cyber-insurance and regulations requirements.

Single MFA for all SaaS

Authenticate your users and ensure access to SaaS only from safe devices and networks.

Malware/Ransomware protection

Prevent malware and ransomware from corrupting SaaS applications data

Block suspicious & abnormal activity

Automatically monitor, identify, and block suspicious or abnormal activity

End-point security & compliance

Automatically verify the security posture of end points and compliance with cyber-insurance.

Audit everything

Get visibility to all users, devices, and SaaS applications activities.

Supported on all OS


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Hundreds of thousands of users protected. More than 250,000 security events prevented each day.

”Coronet is the Dropbox of Infosec”

Gary Miliefsky

“Teaming up with Coronet, we can offer our customers the capability to secure their cloud and SaaS infrastructure in minutes, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other platforms”

Jens Ruester,
Executive VP

“Coronet is the only solution that extends security to the network level, enabling us to shield users’ PCs and laptops from risky networks.”

Peter Gaucher, Executive Director
of Cloud and Software
Lenovo Logo

“Coronet’s technology allows us to provide our customers with the security necessary to keep up with the latest attacks criminal organizations and hackers have seized upon”

Takahiro Sugimoto, President,
CEO & founder of Asgent

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$36K - $86K

The cost of data breach for small and mid size business in the US



of customers will terminate their relationship with a business after data breach



of all data breaches in 2018 impact small and mid-size businesses


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